Friends of WFC


Tasman Pine Forests Limited (TPFL), is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Forestry NZ Limited with a forest estate of some 36,200 ha of exotic plantations in the top of New Zealand’s South Island. TPFL manage the plantation estate to produce wood, which is utilised in both domestic and international markets for a range of end-uses including sawn timber, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), medium density fibreboard (MDF), posts and poles.

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Perched at the top of the South Island, where the water is clear and the sun beats down year-round, Stoke practise the art of brewing exquisite beer. Stoke are brewers who have not just learned a craft, but learned a family business. They are passionate, dedicated and uncompromising. They are lovers of beer.

Stoke are also the proud brewers and producers of First Light low carb lager.

For any sales or general enquiries, please contact Jeff Lepa:

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